About Belize

Belize Vacations

Belize is our Central American Jewel, sparkling in the middle of unexplored jungles and numerous natural attractions. When it comes to making you feel at home, being the only English speaking country in Central America gives Belize an edge. We are bordered by Guatemala, Mexico and the sparkling Caribbean Sea, which is where our little Island lies.


Our whole country is smaller than the state of Massachusetts! Yet, for such a small country, we lay claim a huge barrier reef! Our healthy and growing Reef is the longest in the Western Hemisphere (approx. 200 miles)! It comprises of more than 170 cayes (like ours!), 3 atolls (gorgeous underwater aquariums), mangrove systems, flats (for fly-fishing!) and wide open expanses of sea. Our waters cover 200 nautical miles and our sea territory ranges from Ranguana Caye to the Sarstoon River, an area of 12 nautical miles.  We are best known for our amazing diving and snorkeling sites, atolls and cayes, all located along the 185 mile long Belize Barrier Reef. Our reef is a little smaller than Australia's, but it makes up for it's size with a huge variety of sea creatures, and vibrant coral formations. The crystal aquamarine Caribbean Sea is home to a variety of fish and countless other marine creatures that thrive in our waters. 

Our climate is humid and subtropical. However the breeze from the sea makes the daily experience quite enjoyable. Our temperatures can range from high 90s in the summer to low 60s in the winter and our humidity changes from wet to dry season averaging at 85%. From June to February you can expect rainfall, thunder storms and even the occasional hurricane (plenty of warning ahead of time!).