The "Grand Slam" of Fly Fishing Tours

Belize Fly Fishing Tours

Only a saltwater fly fisherman can understand the logic of the low-odds game of pursuing hard to catch, nearly invisible, inedible Bone-fish by waving a stick in the air. The difference at Ray Caye is that the Bone fish pursuit is no longer low-odds. Our island is surrounded by a coral reef with grassy flats on the south and west, making it an ideal location for Belize flats fishing. And, you don't have to travel hours over rough water to reach great fishing grounds. At Ray Caye, you can practically see Bones, Permit and tarpon tailing from your sofa.


It's impossible to be this close to the reef and not enjoy an amazing Belize fly fishing trip. Schools of squid and flying fish congregate just offshore to feed in the tidal currents in the cuts and become bait fish for ocean roaming predators such as Yellow Fin and Black Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, Sailfish, and Blue and White Marlin. We troll for Bill fish in our Tournament Sport Fountain and have yet to return empty handed.



These extensive flats are an ideal spot for Bone-fish, Tarpon, Jacks, and Barracuda. Schools of twenty to thirty Bone-fish live around the island and are constantly feeding on these flats. These Bones typically weigh between three and six pounds and, pound for pound, are the strongest fighting fish in the world. Those equipped with a 9-weight rod and a handful of Clousers, Gotchas and Charlies will enjoy days of angling excitement searching for fins and clouds along the shores of paradise. It's not all that exceptional to hook a dozen Bone-fish before lunch.



Full day Belize fly fishing tours are available, on your schedule, weather permitting. Note that all fish caught from the island are catch-and-release but other species from the reef can be on your dinner table that same evening! Fly fishing instruction is also available.



If you are planning on visiting Belize to fish there is a new Sport Fishing License that is required by Belize law. You can get one online at the Coastal Zone Management Authority. Please view the official notice by clicking here.



To find out more about getting your Belizean Sport Fishing License, and to book your fly fishing vacation today, just Contact us.