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10 Things to do in Belize - What to See, Do, Eat & Enjoy

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Why has Belize received so much attention? Because there is so much to do within the nation's boundaries! Further, everyone speaks English, it takes just a few hours to get to Belize, and U.S. dollars are accepted throughout the land. No wonder this nation has become THE place to vacation!
For a complete Belize experience, how about staying on a small private island? We recommend Ray Caye Island Resort, a haven for your senses, and a great jumping-off point for an action-packed itinerary. To maximize your time in-country, we suggest the following hot spots. 
1. Scuba dive the Belize Barrier Reef. Staying at Ray Caye Island Resort gets you closer to the Reef than do mainland resorts. Bring your own gear or acquire what you need at the Pirate Reef Dive Shop, so you don't miss a thing. 
2. Fish your heart out. Whether your idea of a great time is fly fishing or the lure of deep-sea fishing is irresistible, access half- and full-day charters from the island or drop a line into the water while standing on the shore.


things to do in belize - fishing

3. Indulge your taste for Belizean cuisine. Ray Caye dining is a mouth-watering experience. The island restaurant, called the Lionfish Grill, is a culinary delight, and the resort bar is as well-stocked as the ocean surrounding the island.
4. Go snorkeling. Just beneath the ocean lies a wonderland of colorful marine life. A leisurely snorkeling adventure off Ray Caye may leave you speechless. It's just that beautiful. Bring your gear or let the dive shop provide it.


snorkeling in belize

5. Go kayaking. Because Ray Caye accommodates so few guests, reserving a kayak for an afternoon of fun is easy. No training required. Even newbies find they can pilot these comfy kayaks with padded seats and self-bailing scuppers. 
6. Try paddleboarding. Age is no barrier on this sleek watercraft. Be the paddle master or hang on to the back of a board and let someone else do the driving — Circle the island. Switch places; it's only fair!


paddle boarding in belize

7. Visit Maya sites like Lubantuum or Nim li Punit. Nim Li Punit was a huge ceremonial center composed of 3 plaza areas while Lubantuum, built entirely without mortar, is the region's only ruin made of black slate rather than limestone blocks. Visit both if time allows.
8. Explore Placencia Village. Stroll quaint shops and galleries along the Placencia sidewalk where artisans show off unique wares. Visit the municipal pier and stop for cocktails at several local hot spots or grab lunch while you're in town.
9. Visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Founded in the 1980s to protect endangered wildlife, the Sanctuary occupies 150 square miles of forests, fauna, and watersheds on the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains. As the only jaguar reserve in the world, this stop should top your "must-see" list.
10. Explore Monkey River. This Belize adventure trip is a popular activity for those eager to search on the river banks for Morelet's crocodile, ocelot, heron, manatees, and of course, the howler monkeys. 
Whether your schedule is limited to seeing just a few sites or you intend to see them all, you can expect to experience the best Belize has to offer. Putting your itinerary into the capable hands of Ray Caye staff is always the best way to vacation, so when you make reservations at, mention the sites you most want to see, and you'll be accommodated.  


In 2019 Hatchet Caye changed its name to Ray Caye. Because of this, some of the older blog posts will refer to Hatchet Caye and the newer ones will refer to Ray Caye. Either way, they are the same private island you have come to love.