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Belize Private Island Mooring

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Belize, with its many islands dotting the coast, makes for an amazing vacation location for boat owners looking for adventure or just simply to relax on their boat and enjoy the Caribbean Sea. However, finding the right spot to dock your boat can be a bit frustrating. Ray Caye Resort, located 17 miles from Placencia village, offers the ideal Belize private Island mooring.


Our private island resort offers great amenities and amazing adventures. Our unique location, close to the Belize barrier reef, makes diving and fishing trips easily accessible, exclusive and the most amazing in the country. Boat owners docking or mooring at the island can take advantage of our diving, fishing or snorkeling tours to some of the top sites in Belize such as Glovers Reef, Blue Hole and Gladden Spit among several others.


We welcome boat owners to come spend the day or night with us on the island. We offer several amenities to our boating visitors including our onsite restaurant. Visitors can enjoy a tasty meal at our Lionfish Grill Restaurant, including our delicious signature lionfish dishes, or relax with a cool drink at the bar. Boating visitors can also book a tour or rent a room for a night, to get away from the sea for a while.


Our island features several mooring coordinates near the island that can be seen in our map below.


belize mooring coordinates


For a comprehensive list of all amenities we offer to our boating visitors as well as our Belize island mooring or docking rates click here.



In 2019 Hatchet Caye changed its name to Ray Caye. Because of this, some of the older blog posts will refer to Hatchet Caye and the newer ones will refer to Ray Caye. Either way, they are the same private island you have come to love. 


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