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Ray Caye Resort – Your Belize Dive Certification Made Easy!

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Belize is best known for its spectacular scuba diving sites; from the second largest Barrier Reef in the world to Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve down south. There are 12 dive sites located near Ray Caye Resort alone. With so many locations to explore the beautiful and magnificent life that lies beneath our Caribbean Sea, there is no question why divers love Belize. 


Belize Scuba Diving Tours


At Ray Caye Resort we not only offer fun and adventurous scuba diving tours, but for those looking to learn this wonderful underwater sport we offer several PADI certification courses you can take while vacationing with us. Our unique location near the reef makes becoming a PADI certified diver easier than anywhere else in Belize. Our professional instructors work diligently to ensure receiving your Belize diving certification is fun, safe and stress-free. Below you will find more information about our dive courses, rates and the time each course takes.


Belize Scuba Diving Tours


Discover Course (also known as a Resort Course) - US$197 per person

Student must be able to swim. Discover Scuba Diving is a basic introduction into the world of Scuba Diving. The course is mainly for those who would like a brief glimpse into the underwater world. There is a short DVD visual or prerequisites and skills that will be learned and performed, after the DVD it is off to the shallows where a dive will be conducted at a maximum depth of 40 feet. At the end of the course the instructor will log the dive into the Discover Scuba pamphlet to show successful completion. The dive and development session can be credited toward an Open Water Certification. 2 to 3.5 hours


Belize Scuba Diving Certification Courses


Refresher Course - US$168.75 per person

A Refresher course is for certified divers who have not done any dives within one year. The course is to refresh diver skills and help divers regain their confidence in the water. The diver is asked to express his or her weak points and the program is set out accordingly. The diver will perform the mandatory 24 open water diver skills after which a dive will be carried out to ensure the diver is confident and comfortable. At the end of the course the instructor will log the dive with the student and enter the course information with the PADI International headquarters. 1.5 to 2 hours.


Belize Scuba Diving Certification Courses


Referral Course - US$337.50 per person

A Referral Course is any course that was started and not finished. The most common example being a student conducting their confined water dives and all paperwork and exams with one shop and Instructor and then finishing the Open Water dives with another shop and Instructor. Any student wanting to complete any part of a certification course the student must bring along documents obtained from their referring Instructor and Dive Shop. We must see what was completed before their visit and it is necessary to receive contact information from their former instructor.


Belize Scuba Diving Certification Courses


PADI Open Water Certification - US$563 per person

Student must be able to swim. The Open Water Diver course is the 1st level of certification in Scuba Diving. This course entails 5 knowledge development sessions that cover the underwater world, skills, equipment, basic physics and physiology and recreational dive planning. All manuals and aids are provided. There are also 5 confide water sessions that include learning and performing the mandatory 24 open water skills after which 4 open water dives must be completed. The student will showcase the 24 skills learned in confined water in an open water environment. A 50 question, multiple choice exam is administered where a minimum GPA of 80% must be obtained. 3 to 5 days. 


We also offer PADI Advanced Open Water Certification and PADI Dive Master Certification – For these courses we recommend you contact us for full details.


We hope that after reading about our Diving Certification Course you are now ready to make the next step and book your course with us!


Belize Scuba Diving Certification Courses


In 2019 Hatchet Caye changed its name to Ray Caye. Because of this, some of the older blog posts will refer to Hatchet Caye and the newer ones will refer to Ray Caye. Either way, they are the same private island you have come to love. 


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