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Jefe's Island Adventures: There's just something 'bout a Boat!

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If you haven’t already guessed, I love to travel, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been around the world a time or two. But before coming to Ray Caye to be the Security Chief, my main modes of transportation were usually planes, trains, and automobiles. Oh, and the occasional bicycle. Now that I live on a tropical island, however, my main mode of transportation is almost always a boat.
Ray Caye Private Island Belize - Getting Here
Here at Ray Caye Resort, we even have more than one choice of boat when we travel. On the days we’ve got a big group, we can take the beauty I like to call the “Big Girl.” I love the sound that her 600 horsepower combined engines make when we’re skimming across the sparkling sea. On a warm, sunny day, there’s nothing more dazzling than the powerful, tumultuous wake she leaves behind her.   
Ray Caye Private Island Belize boats wake
 On days when we’re not going far, or we have just a small group, we take the skiff. She’s a sturdy, workingman’s boat, and the same style that many fishermen use in Belize. The skiff may not be the most attractive boat, but she’s like a good farm horse, strong and sturdy, and always ready to get the work done. And that’s a beautiful thing in its own right.
Ray Caye Private Island Belize - skiff

 And it seems the longer I live in the Caribbean, the more I find myself fascinated by boats of any kind, in the way that some are fascinated by flashy sports cars or sleek racehorses.  There’s just something about a boat that I find exhilarating and calming at the same time. And it seems I’m not the only one who enjoys the feeling of freedom that being on a boat can bring. 

Ray Caye Private Island Belize - Living on a caye
 Some people enjoy the boating life so much that they live on their boats. And I’ve had the good fortune to meet quite a few seafarers from all over the world, both novice and experienced. They often stop by the island in all types of boats. Some spend months, or even years, lazily traversing the turquoise waters off our shores. And frequently, they spend a night or two mooring off our island for a brief rest before they continue their journey to other destinations.
Ray Caye Private Island Belize - Mooring and Docking
 Being curious by nature, I often try to find a way to get these visitors to let me take a quick peek at their amazing vessels. Some are massive catamarans with powerful motors, gorgeous and perfectly appointed, with room for half a dozen people or more and their gear. Some are tiny, slender sailboats, much used but well maintained, with barely enough room for two people and only the most basic of necessities. And then there’s everything in between.
Ray Caye Private Island Belize - Mooring and Docking
 They are all beautiful and fascinating in my eyes. For some, living on a boat may seem an unusual life, but it’s one I’d give a try, if only for a while, if offered the chance. To paraphrase my singing friend, Jimmy Buffet, there’s just something about a boat, sitting on the sea. Out there in the wind, floating on the free. They’ll take you 'round the world, and bring you back home.  And luckily for me, Ray Caye is my home!
Ray Caye Private Island Belize - Mooring and Docking
Until next time, stay adventurous, my friends!

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In 2019 Hatchet Caye changed its name to Ray Caye. Because of this, some of the older blog posts will refer to Hatchet Caye and the newer ones will refer to Ray Caye. Either way, they are the same private island you have come to love. 


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