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Finding Adventure no matter what the weather – Tails from Ray Caye

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View of stormy seas at Ray Caye Private Island Resort in Belize


I’ve been hearing from some of my friends that it’s starting to turn cold and snowy in many northern regions. Thankfully, winter weather is something I don’t have to worry about at Ray Caye Resort. Although we do have a rainy season in Belize (June through November), it doesn’t normally rain the entire day. The sun generally returns by late morning or early afternoon and the temperatures are warm year round.



On the occasional day when the rain or clouds do last a little longer, I make it a point to head over to the Lionfish Grill. That’s where I find the guests having a meal or socializing with a few cocktails on the covered patio. Often, I find friends enjoying a game of 80’s Trivial Pursuit, or chess or checkers, accompanied by plenty of laughter and good-natured teasing.

Jefe making friends at Ray Caye Private Island Resort in Belize

It’s also where I also usually find one or two ladies deserving of my attention. Like the friendly lass I met a few weeks ago. She was traveling alone, and a little shy at first, but she soon let me know she liked my style. Sure, she might have been a bit of a cougar, but I don’t mind a girl with a touch of wildcat. Those old wives’ tales about canines and felines disliking each other are simply untrue, and we hit it off almost immediately.

Jefe digging for crabs at Ray Caye Private Island Resort in Belize

The moment the drizzle stopped, I invited her to explore the island with me. We ventured over to the “wild side” where the beach is a little rocky but very picturesque. She giggled as I dug for crabs, quickly finding several, but promptly letting them escape. She murmured appreciatively when I explained about the elevated osprey nest, where we have two of the majestic, winged predators raising offspring.

Osprey nest at Ray Caye Private Island Resort in Belize

From the beach, we laughed as we watched an adventurous pair of guests paddle around in a two-man kayak. Later, we cheered from the shore as the same couple took Hobie Cat lessons from one of the minions — I mean resort staff. That evening, we joined the couple at the beach near their cabana to share ghost stories in the dark. It was obvious they were enjoying every minute of their vacation, despite the overcast sky. And so were we.

Sailing at Hatchet Caye Private Island Resort in Belize

Over the next few days, over shared meals and long walks around the island, I told my new friend about my work as Security Chief and she told me about hers as a freelance writer. As the gray skies cleared in the afternoons, a rainbow appeared to welcome the sun. On her final night, I took her to the end of the lighted pier to watch the variety of fish, rays, squid, and octopus as they fed in the semi-darkness. The skies had cleared and the stars sparkled on the water. It was a magical night.

Pier at night at Ray Caye Private Island Resort in Belize

When the time came for her departure, we agreed to stay in touch, and to say “see you soon” instead of goodbye. She said she’d had an unforgettable holiday, despite the intermittent drizzle, and told me she’d be back as often as she could. I think we’re both looking forward to that!


Until next time, stay adventurous, my friends!

Jefe Meme from Hatchet Caye Private Island Resort in Belize

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In 2019 Hatchet Caye changed its name to Ray Caye. Because of this, some of the older blog posts will refer to Hatchet Caye and the newer ones will refer to Ray Caye. Either way, they are the same private island you have come to love.