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Jefe’s Island Adventures: Big plans for the New Year 2015!

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I had a great time visiting with my family and friends over the holidays and my tail still hurts just from wagging so much. But now that a new year has begun, I’ve heard some guests talking about their resolutions for the new year.

Jefe's Island Adventure blog - walking around Hatchet Caye private island resort Belize

It’s not usually in my character to eavesdrop, but my oversized ears can’t help but absorb their enthusiasm. It made me wonder if I should set some goals of my own for the coming year. After giving it some careful thought, I’ve decided I definitely should focus on doing more of the things I enjoy instead of working so much.

Hammocks at Hatchet Caye Private Island Resort in Belize

Now please don’t get me wrong, I love my work as Security Chief at Ray Caye Resort. I take great pleasure in announcing the arrival of the guests, and delight in keeping the minions aware of every activity on the island. But being on duty 24/7 can be pretty draining both physically and mentally.


To offset that exhaustion (and because I enjoy them), this year I resolve to take more naps. Long, lazy “dog-naps” which are much better than catnaps, and more like extended, sloth-like siestas. I enjoy mine stretched out in a hammock under the coconut trees.

Pool at Hatchet Caye Private Island Resort Belize

I’m also going to spend more time snoozing by the pool, where I can sip a cocktail and work on my tan while I wait for the perfect opportunity to jump in and share an inflatable mattress with someone.


But I didn’t get to be the world’s most interesting dog by just laying around all the time. I also like meeting new people and trying exciting things, so I also resolve to take several trips to Placencia Village, a happening spot on the mainland, and just a short boat ride away.

Placencia Lobsterfest with Hatchet Caye Private Island Resort Belize

Throughout the year, Placencia plays host to a variety of cultural events, art festivals, fishing tournaments, parties celebrating lobster season, half- and full-marathons, and sailing competitions. There are also opportunities for adventures like bird watching, horseback riding, skydiving, cave-tubing, zip-lining, trips to the nearby jaguar preserve, chocolate and spice factories, banana farms, and the Belize Zoo.


And I know from previous experience, if I just hang out at one of the several beach-side bars for a while, I might meet a cougar — ahem, excuse me, a “lady friend”– to join me on my excursions.

Placencia Village with Hatchet Caye Private Island Resort Belize

But, my biggest resolution for the new year is to convince the minions to take me diving to see the elusive whale sharks, which are not actually sharks at all, but one of the largest fish in the Caribbean (some up to 40 feet long!).

Whale Shark Tours with Hatchet Caye Private Island Resort Belize

These gentle giants are only seen in our area in April, May, and June, and I’d give my right paw to get up close enough to take a bite out of a whale shark. However, touching them is not allowed, so at least I don’t have to give up my paw — for now.

Jefe's dog paw at Hatchet Caye Private Island Resort Belize

Just thinking about all my resolutions is overwhelming. And I’m beginning to realize I really need to get the minions to make me some diving apparatus. I will have to add that task to the top of their new year’s resolutions list soon! But first, I think I need a nap…

Jefe tired at Hatchet Caye Private Island Resort in Belize



In 2019 Hatchet Caye changed its name to Ray Caye. Because of this, some of the older blog posts will refer to Hatchet Caye and the newer ones will refer to Ray Caye. Either way, they are the same private island you have come to love.