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Visit Ray Caye Island: The Epicenter of All Things Unplugged!

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You may not remember what life was like before you became attached to your smartphone, but we all could do with unplugging from time to time. This Belize island can make sure this happens!


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When Wall Street Journal columnist Joshua Becker found 7 important reasons to unplug, he was shocked to learn the truth about the pervasive addiction to devices driving today’s tuned-in populaces. His scariest revelation? On average, people check their devices 150 times a day. Does that number make you cringe? 


You’re not alone. But you can combat the damage being done to your emotional health and spirit by finding solitude in what Becker calls “an always-connected world.” It’s called a vacation, Friend, and while we don’t know if Becker has visited Belize, we’re pretty sure he would be on the next plane if he got the chance to spend time at Belize’s Ray Caye Island Resort. If you can't unplug there, you can't unplug anywhere!


Your Belize vacations salvation

Raye Caye, the award-winning Belize Island Resort, has been gaining a world-wide reputation for being the place travelers go to unplug, relax and recall how it feels to unwind without constant distractions. Formerly known as Hatchet Caye, this rebranded island, named for the Spotted Eagle Rays "in the neighborhood," has always been a popular destination, but the name change and renovated environs have turned a great resort into one that’s breathtaking.


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Sojourn on the island by relaxing within the confines of the newly-built welcome center that serves as a gift shop and lounge area. Enjoy lavish surroundings within each of the island’s rooms, refurbished oceanfront or ocean view cabanas or reserve a newly-built standalone cabana for the ultimate experience. Every guest is invited to float in the resort pool, dine on gourmet dishes at the restaurant and take advantage of the spa, gym and yoga deck. Ray Caye is the true definition of unplugged.


Forget tall buildings, city traffic and the unending noise that defines urban society. Ray Caye’s environs measure just 7 square acres. The resort hosts a max of 50 guests if at full capacity. Your sole job will be to take deep breaths and discover the tranquility, whether your intention is spending time on the beach or your beautifully-appointed digs at this Belize all inclusive resort.


Will you suffer technology withdrawal? 

Have no fear - unless this is your goal and you decide to unplug completely from whatever devices you packed, Ray Caye is still fully equipped with Wi-Fi throughout the island and will allow you to easily connect if you have to. (We all know you gotta get to your gram!) 


Expect to feel a dramatic change in  your mind and body as you are disconnected from the fray after having selected from the resort’s exciting Belize vacation packages. Try a Yoga session. Sit on the beach at night and watch stars sprawl across the heavens as breezes stroke your brow. This is how it feels to unplug. You're going to love it!


We feel compelled to issue one warning: Unplugging can be contagious. Just ask repeat Ray Caye guests who came to understand the true meaning of the word vacation. Seasonal rate changes add to the benefits you get if you visit in 2020, but can you put a price on the peace of mind you are likely to achieve during your visit? That's a question only you can answer!


In 2019 Hatchet Caye changed its name to Ray Caye. Because of this, some of the older blog posts will refer to Hatchet Caye and the newer ones will refer to Ray Caye. Either way, they are the same private island you have come to love.