Belize Snorkeling Tours

Belize Snorkeling Tours

When you're staying at Ray Caye, amazing Belize snorkeling adventures are literally right outside your door.


Our guided tour takes you to the nearby Gladden Spit, which is thriving with aquatic life. Between the months of April and June, this area has the highest concentration of Whale Sharks in Belize. Snorkeling in this area puts you at center of the action during their migratory stop.



Another treat for guests on the island is night snorkeling. The lights at the end of the pier attract fish, rays, squid, turtles and various other marine life. Guests can grab their snorkeling gear and experience the thrill of night snorkeling right off the resort pier.



Although fishing in this protected area is not permitted, snorkelers can enjoy a rare treat, spear-fishing lion fish! These invasive lion fish are hazardous to our reef and it is not against the law to fish for them. We provide tridents for anyone who wants to spear-fish lion fish and we can cook up a tasty meal from your catch at our restaurant, the Lionfish Grill!



A full complement of snorkel gear can also be provided for those wanting an independent snorkeling experience. The coral formations around the island are so full of life that many people spend all their underwater time right outside their cabana deck. You can choose to snorkel with your own buddy or join one of our guided Belize snorkeling tours. If you want to book an amazing snorkeling adventure in Belize feel free to contact us at any time.

Turtle Snorkeling

Turtle snorkel tour with private island resort Belize

About 10 mins away from Ray Caye in the Gladden Spit marine reserve, Loggerhead turtles (some as old as 150 years), rough-tail stingrays, southern stingrays, spotted eagle rays and nurse sharks congregate. For decades these animals visit this particular site to feed on the leftovers from local fishermen who anchor and clean their catch in the area. The marine life has become so accustomed to getting treats this way that they come 'running' whenever they hear a boat. Snorkeling here is amazing and the water is shallow, about 8 - 12 ft deep. See rates